Episode 428 - Lacrimosa

Release Date: October 27, 2023

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Running Time:   180 min

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Mozart’s untimely death leaves his family in crisis. How can they survive financially without the maestro? His wife Constanze has a plan: publish a memoir and find composers to finish his last great work... the Requiem.

In Lacrimosa, you play as one of Mozart’s dear friends. Over the course of five rounds you'll compete to gather accolades and respect, and in doing so,  insure the future of Mozart's family.

You'll recount your memories and travels with Mozart and the many musical works you commissioned. All these details will end up in Constanze's memoir, insuring your legacy.

You’ll also find and pay composers to complete the Requiem. Without your help, Mozart’s last work would still sit unfinished.

May the best patron win!


Brandon Jones, Professor of Music and Music Dept. Chair at Wittenberg University, provides us with a historical prologue to enhance our understanding of Mozart's life - a radio play including his entire family (wife, Stephanie and daughters Ravyn and Alaina). He also joins us for a rousing discussion of the game.

Paco Garcia from GMS Magazine and So Play We All gives us a report from the International Game Fair in Essen Germany.

Bruce Voge finds gold in the latest installment of Flickin' Around, exploring the "Guitar Hero of gold panning games," Klondike!

Art Credit: Photo by master1305  licensed through Adobe Stock (no generative AI used)


Designers: Gerard Ascensi, Ferran Renalias

Artist: Enrique Corminas & Jared Blando

Publisher: Devir | BGG Entry

1-4 players  2 hours ages 14+  MSRP $80

Time to teach/learn:  15-20 minutes


Flickin' Around with Bruce Voge

Klondike| BGG Entry


Essen Report - Paco Garcia

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Zodiac Rush | Board Game VN |BGG Entry

Taiwan Night Market | TBD |BGG Entry

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Episode Art Credit:

Photo by master1305  licensed through Adobe Stock (no generative AI used)

Interstitial music credits include:

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