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The Spiel is a show covering the world of board and card games since 2006. 

Our primary broadcast medium is audio but we also produce documentary films. 

Episodes 1-220 feature a variety show format with news, in-depth game reviews and segments celebrating various aspects of games old and new. Explore our episode archive for hundreds of hours of content.

In 2016, Stephen accepted a promotion to the rank of Major Fun. Major Fun is an internationally recognized award for kids and family games created by Bernie DeKoven. 

As a result, The Spiel and Major Fun have joined forces moving forward!

This combined force now features 30 in-depth game reviews each season. The season is divided into 2 parts: February - June and August - December.

Each month, we release 3 game reviews. Two audio reviews are released at the beginning of the month and one written review is posted to the site each month. 

Each game featured is the recipient of an award: Major Fun or the Spiel of Approval.

Major Fun games are games geared toward kids and families or parties.

Spiel of Approval games are games that celebrate thoughtful and strategic play. Most oten these games feature more complexity and depth.

These awards are badges of quality. We play many games but only a select few earn this distinction. PUblishers can include the award seal/graphic on the game box.

In addition to game reviews, The Spiel records interviews with designers, publishers and artists at the largest game conventions in the world: GenCon and Essen.

From 2011-2015, we released dozens of short interviews focusing on new releases at each game fair.

Currently, our coverage will focus on 7 roundtable discussions - each one on a specific topic featuring an interesting mix of movers and shakers in the game industry.

We here at The Spiel know fun. We are passionate about play as an essential and often forgotten part of life as we grow. Our goal is open a door to the wider world of games to as many people as we can.

Have a listen. I hope you'll be inspired to find a friend and play!


The Spiel is hosted by Stephen Conway and David Coleson.

David will be retiring from the show in June.

Coming in August, The Spiel will welcome a new co-host: Doug Richardson!

Stephen is founder, creator and host of The Spiel. He is a writer, filmmaker and game designer and developer. He is also Major Fun! Check out his web site . In addition, he runs two non-profit organizations, the Indiana Film Society and The Spiel Foundation.  Feel free to contact him here:

Dave is the co-host of The Spiel. He is a former Marine, professional musician (trumpet) and a game designer and developer. Dave's first published game, Junk in My Trunk, releases in 2018 from CSE Games. He owns one of the largest collection of dice in the world. He also enjoys disc golf, good drinks and good games with friends and family. Feel free to contact Dave here:


We both share a deep and abiding passion for games and the importance of play as a lifelong pursuit. Fun isn't something we outgrow. It's a vital part of life. Our hope is to open a door to the wider world of games through creative projects like The Spiel, Major Fun and documentary films like Made For Play: Board Games & Modern Industry.

The Spiel Foundation is another way we share our love of games with the community at large. The Foundation raises money to donate bundles of quality board and card games to children's hospitals and senior centers across the country. The Foundation has donated thousands of games to kids and seniors who could use more fun in their lives. For more information on The Spiel Foundation, visit

To learn more about The Spiel, poke around our episode archives. There are nearly 300 episodes to explore!