Major Fun

Episode 307: The Mind

Release Date: Oct. 18, 2018

Download: PDF

Designer: Wolfgang Warsch

Publisher:  NSV, Pandasaurus

2-4 pl  | 15 min  |  ages 8+  |  MSRP $15


Have you ever been in The Zone? Maybe you found it playing music. Everyone in the orchestra playing in perfect time. That pure sweet sound is impossible to forget. Or you found it on the basketball court - each teammate anticipating the moves of the next - it’s like poetry - no one can stop you and no one can miss.

It’s special, being in The Zone - a moment of perfect harmony - being totally in synch with everyone around you. Special because The Zone is so hard to find and special because it’s so hard to stay in The Zone once you do! If you get there even for a few fleeting seconds, it’s like magic. The Zone leaves its mark on you and you’ll strive to find it again and again.

The Mind is a cooperative card game that wants its players to find The Zone…and stay there as long as they can!  Over the course of several rounds, your team must find a common wavelength to play numbered cards in order to a single stack hoping to reach your goal.

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Episode 291: Candygrams


Release Date: Apr. 10 , 2018

Download: PDF

Designer: Johnny Landers

Publisher:  Candygrams LLC

2-4 pl  | 15-20 min  |  ages 6+  |  MSRP $25


Candygrams is a colorful crossword game that offers fun and challenging twists to a traditional word game.

Roll dice, build words from the colors rolled. Use all your tiles to win and reuse tiles already played, if you're clever.

Young players can play on one level and word nerds can appreciate it on another. The magic is both groups can enjoy playing together without the game bogging down. 

This makes Candygrams a delight and most surely a delicious helping of Major Fun!

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