GenCon 2015 - Thames & Kosmos

Release Date: Aug. 8, 2015

Running Time:  17 min.

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Kosmos is an established publisher in Germany with a large catalog of games for all ages. They're known in particular for their series of 2 player games. Thames & Kosmos is their  North American partner.

Andy from Thames & Kosmos chats about relaunching several Kosmos titles. Some are classics: Lost Cities, Kahuna, Ubongo. Others are new: Dimension, Andor. The ultimate goal is synchronized worldwide release for new Kosmos games.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Lost Cities       Link 


Lost Cities: The Board Game   Link  | Keltis Reviewed on The Spiel #56


Kahuna       Link

Dohdles       Link  |  Barbarossa (Dohdles)  on The Spiel #83

Ubongo       Link  |  Ubongo Review on The Spiel #70

Dimension       Link  

Legends of Andor       Link  | Andor Review - The Spiel #179