Episode 206: Old School

Release Date: Feb. 9, 2015

Running Time:   150 min.

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Back in the day... We review Murano and Royals, two new titles that call back to the first generation of "euros" that sparked the Renaissance in modern board games. Murano is a tile laying game about Italian glass makers that features a communal rondel of actions. Royals is a card driven area control game about rival families vying for titles across Europe. Both games are have an easy-to-learn elegance which allows players to discover greater depth and strategy without having to fight the rules. These games aren't retro. They've simply returned to their roots.

News & Notes: Holiday Game Sales Report, Mattel's CEO resigns, Marco Polo, DC Crisis #2, Asmodee buys Ystari and Pearl 
Crowdfunding Round-Up: Pencil Dice, M-80, Trickerion
The List: Murano, Royals
Back Shelf Spotlight: Richelieu
The Game Sommelier: 5 old school games that don't get enough love

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News & Notes

Holiday Game Sales Up 9% for 2014 - April   NPD

Mattel CEO Resigns  ICv2

Voyages of Marco Polo     BGG

DC Deck Building: Crisis Pack #2   Cryptozoic

Asmodee Buys Ystari and Pearl Games   Gus and Co

Crowdfunding Round-Up

Pencil Dice   Kickstarter

M-80  Kickstarter

Trickerion   Kickstarter

The List

Murano   Mayfair  |  BGG

Royals   Abacusspiele  |  BGG

Back Shelf Spotlight

Richelieu    BGG

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: 5 "old school" games that don't get enough love or plays today.

Stephen's Selections: 


El Grande

La Citta

No Thanks




Music credits include:

Heart of Glass  by The Valkyrians  |  the song

Royals  by Walk Off the Earth  |  the song

Foil  by Weird Al Yankovic  |  the song


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