GenCon 2014 - Kevin Cook

Release Date: Aug. 27, 2014

Running Time:  30 min.

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Kevin Cook is the owner of the world's largest dice collection. We chat with Kevin about "The Year in Dice" highlighting new and interesting additions to the collection, including his 50,000th die! We also discuss dozens of unique and custom dice featured in games released at the con.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Kevin Cook    

For more photos and information on the collection please visit Kevin's site

Exotic Wood Dice

PAX Promo Dice     

Berlin Dice Cup Museum

Plywood d20

Circuit Die

Oldest d10s (1920s)

Chessex Vibrant

Dice Lab d60 - d4 

Rocket Die

50,000th Die in Kevin's Collection

Dice Plus

Electronic Craps (pop-o-matic?)

Games with Custom or Unique Dice

Bravest Warrior

Adventure Maximus

Monster Derby

MERCS Conflict


Hipster Dice

Pocket Bit Crawl


Treasures & Traps

Ninja Dice

Dice Manufacturers


Crystal Caste Electroplated



Crystal Caste Howlite

Crystal Caste Moonstone

Crystal Caste Silver