GenCon 2014 - Maublanc & Chevallier

Release Date: Aug. 25, 2014

Running Time:  28 min.

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French game designer Ludovic Maublanc has 25 published titles over the past ten years. His resume of great games makes him a rock star in the industry and yet he remains relatively unknown. We sit down with Ludovic and fellow French designer Charles Chevallier to chat about his career, his new releases and the importance and influence of collaboration in game design. We also talk with Charles about his experience designing Abyss with Bruno Cathala.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Ludovic Maublanc    Ludography at BGG

Cash 'n Guns       Official Site  |  BGG


Desperados of Dicetown       Official Site  |  BGG

Cyclades: Titans       Official Site  |  BGG

Madame Ching       Official Site  |  BGG


Charles Chevallier    Ludography at BGG

Abyss   Official Site  |  BGG