GenCon 2014 - Flying Frog

Release Date: Aug. 23, 2014

Running Time:  35 min.

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The Hill brothers, Jason and Scott, chat about two new story-driven titles from Flying Frog.

Dark Gothic is a deck building game of colonial-era monster hunting and adventure in the secluded village of Shadowbrook.

Shadows of Brimstone is an old west dungeon crawl board game filled with unspeakable horrors. Players develop a character based on classic archetypes (gunslinger, law man, and saloon girl) and delve into the nearby mines only to discover gateways to strange and terrifying worlds. Filled with detailed minis and a campaign system for long form stories, this is by far Flying Frog's most ambitious title to date.

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Greater Than Games

Dark Gothic     Official Site  |  BGG

Shadows of Brimstone   Official Site  |  BGG

Shadows of Brimstone   Official Site  |  BGG