Episode 188: A Playful Path

Release Date: Jan. 27, 2014

Running Time:   139 min.

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Boggle jackets and Big Bird money. A conversation with Bernie DeKoven, the Grand Poobah of Fun and influential force in the world of games and play. We follow Bernie's career through mass market board games and the early days of video game design to his discovery of a Playful Path - a philosophy that stresses the importance of play throughout life and also the title of his latest book.

News & Notes:  Scopa for sale, International TableTop Day, new Treefrog titles, GW sales down, Florenza, Hoyuk, Zombie '15
Interview: Bernie DeKoven

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Scopa Available Through Game Salute!  Link

International Tabletop Day - April 5, 2014   Link

Games Workshop Sales Down 10%  Link

New Games From Treefrog 

Mythtopia  Link

Ships  Link

Crowdfunding Round-Up

Florenza: The Card Game Link

Höyük  Link

Zombie '15  Link

Interview: Bernie DeKoven

A Playful Path  Link



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Countdown: Special Ops  Link