Episode 185: Mr. Suitcase

Release Date: Dec. 9, 2013

Running Time:   119 min.

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Packed for freshness... and fun! We review Polterfass, Luchador, Super Race and SOS Titanic. From wooden beer barrels and Mexican wrestler dice to dry-erase raceways and a flip-book ship, these games showcase novel components and innovative design.

News & Notes:  Neo article, Tower Zoo, Game Haus Cafe, Battle for Souls, Catanathon, Scopa & Augmented Reality, Mayfair & Lookout, Marvel Dicemasters, PLUS a Crowdfunding Roundup 
The List: Polterfass, Luchador, Super Race, SOS Titanic

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Patrik Stromer's Article in Neo Magazine Link

No direct link to the article yet, but the link above will take you to the magazine.

Tower Zoo   Link

Game Haus Cafe Link

Mayfair Games Purchases Lookout Games Link

Battle for Souls BGG  |  Robert Burke Games

Snakes & Lattes Catanathon Link

Debbie Ohi's Spiel-a-thon Photos Link

Marvel Dicemasters: Avengers vs. X-Men NECA  |  BGG

Scopa & Augmented Reality Link

Kickstarter Roundup

Freak Fandango Orchestra's New Album


Dark Horse: Rebels & Rogues

Double Six Dice

Board Game Storage Chests

Argent: The Consortium

The List

Polterfass  BGG | Zoch Verlag

Luchador!  BGG |  Backspindle Games

Super Race  BGG | Schmidt Spiele

SOS Titanic  BGG |  Ludonaute  |  Game Salute


Music credits include:

Roll Out The Barrel (Beer Barrel Polka)  - The Hoosier Hotshots  |  the song

Luchador  -  Christophe Heral  |  the song

Balkan Beats - Freak Fandango Orchestra  |  the song

Hitman's Lovesong  - Freak Fandango Orchestra  |  the song

Sad Passenger's Waltz  -  Freak Fandango Orchestra  |  the song

Late As Usual  -  Freak Fandango Orchestra  |  the song

REMINDER: Freak Fandango Orchestra has a new album funding on VERKAMI


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

Sponsored Link: Game Salute  Link

Pixel Lincoln: Re-Election  Link



The news article regarding the Mayfair/Lookout situation was a bit off.  The first title is Caverna, Glass Road isn't even a Lookout title.  The older titles won't go to Mayfair until the existing licences expire.

Yes indeed, we got that wrong. Glass Road is published by Feuerland NOT Lookout Games. I think the Uwe Rosenberg connection was what tripped us up.

Thanks for straightening things out. We'll be sure to mention this on the next show.