GenCon 2013 - Flying Frog

Release Date: Aug. 23, 2013

Running Time:  53 min.

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Scott & Jason Hill are joined by Elena, one of the characters from Fortune & Glory, to talk about Rise of the Crimson Hand and Treasure Hunters. We also learn about Blood in the Forest, the next chapter in the Last Night on Earth zombie game. 

In addition to these expansions, we talk about two brand new games: Dark Gothic, a deck building game set in the Touch of Evil universe and Shadows of Brimstone an epic miniatures based adventure game with a Wild West / Lovecraftian horror theme.

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Flying Frog Productions

Fortune & Glory: Rise of the Crimson Hand   Official Site  |  BGG  

Fortune & Glory: Treasure Hunters   Official Site  |  BGG  

Last Night on Earth: Blood in the Forest  Official Site  |  BGG  

A Touch of Evil: Dark Gothic   Official Site  |  BGG  

Shadows of Brimstone   Official Site