Episode 175: In Praise of Folly

Release Date: Apr. 29, 2013

Running Time:  180 min.

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Roll over, Erasmus. We travel back to Elizabethan England for an in-depth look at Noblemen, a game about managing country estates and attending masquerade balls. The goal? Impress the Queen. We also report back from the Spring Gaming Hoopla with two great interviews: Bill Corey (event coordinator) and Lee Maile (keeper of the Gen Con game library).

News & Notes: You Suck, Mensa Awards  
The List: Noblemen
Hoopla Interviews:  Bill Corey, Lee Maile
The Game Sommelier:  5 games that need solitaire rules
Mail Bag: Origins awards info, Sausage dice snafu

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

You Suck!  Bezier Games  |  BGG

2013 Mensa Award Winners


Suburbia  Bezier Games |  BGG

Forbidden Desert  Gamewright  |  BGG

Ghooost!  Iello  |  BGG

Kerflip  Official Site  |  BGG

Kulami  FoxMind  |  Steffan Spiele  |  BGG


Canterbury Launches on Kickstarter - May 1  Link

2013 Spring Gaming Hoopla

Interview: Bill Corey, Event Coordinator

Interview: Lee Maile, Keeper of GenCon Gaming Library

Also pictured: Amber Lyn Nyden-Halvorson

The List

Noblemen  Pegasus Spiele | BGG

Architectural Follies

Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare

Paxton's Tower - Carmarthenshire, Wales

The Dunmore Pineapple

Mr. Happy Burger - Logansport, Indiana

The Game Sommelier

On the hot seat: Albert Hernandez   Challenge from: Dave & Stephen

The Challenge: 5 games that don't have solitaire rules, but should.

Albert  is the host of the One Player Podcast. Check it out!  Link

Albert's Selections

Age of Steam


Star Wars Miniatures


Mystery Express

Next Sommelier Challenge

Dave must find 5 games the could be the start of a game collection around a particular theme or concept.

Mail Bag

JP DeCosse spotted Coup on Kickstarter from Indie Boards & Cards.

Thanks to Doug Faust for the additional info on the Origins Awards.

Sorry, Scotty Dickey, for the Sausage Dice "incident"... :)


Music credits include:

Hula Hoop  -  Teresa Brewer  |  the song

Hula Hoop  -  Danny Mann | the song

The Danserye Suite (Six Dances)  - Tielman Susato  |  the song

Earliest known piece composed for the virginal  -  anon (1520)  |  the song

Dunscomb's Galliard  -  Elizabethan Consort  | the song

The Carman's Whistle  -  William Byrd  |  the song

Hoops  -  The Chemical Brothers  |  the song

Folly  - Spit Syndicate  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one! 

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