Episode 172: Game, Set, Match

Release Date: Mar. 18, 2013

Running Time:  164 min.

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Rummy revisions. We review A Fool's Fortune and Morels two set collecting card games that breathe new life into this well known and time tested genre PLUS the first in a series of interviews with Major Fun, Bernie DeKoven.

News & Notes:   Line Dice, Scopa cards, TableTop Day, Asgard & Oddville 
The List: A Fool's Fortune, Morels
Back Shelf Spotlight:  Palastgeflüster
Truckloads of Goober:  Avalanche / Astroslide
Interview: Major Fun (Bernie DeKoven), Part 1
Favorites:  Coup
The Game Sommelier:  5 games that would make great tattoos
Mail Bag: Dweebutante Ball, ApocalypZe, The Answer Men

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

Line Dice   Link

International Tabletop Day - March 30   Link

Made For Play DVDs coming soon!  Link

Scopa Cards - Spiel Style   Preview the cards

Asgard and Oddville coming to the States via ACD  ICv2

Asgard  BGG | What's Your Game?

Oddville  BGG | What's Your Game?

The List

A Fool's Fortune  BGG | Rio Grande Games 

Morels  BGG | Two Lanterns Games

Back Shelf Spotlight

Palastgeflüster   BGG |Adlung Spiele

Interview: Major Fun!

Bernie DeKoven  DeepFun | Major Fun Awards


Marcus Brissman - Coup  BGG | La Mame Games 

The Game Sommelier

On the hot seat: Tim Huesken

The Challenge: 5 games that would make great tattoos

Tim's Selections

Arkham Horror

Puerto Rico

1960: Making of the President

Power Grid


Mail Bag

Dweebutante Ball  Link

ApocalypZe  Link  |  Print & Play Deck  |  YouTube

"The Answer Men" article in Time magazine  Link


Music credits include:

Don't Set Me Free  by Ray Charles  |  the song

There's a Fungus Among Us  by Hugh Barrett  | YouTube

Set We Free  by Patrick Fitzgerald  | the song

I've Got My Mind Set On You  by James Ray  | YouTube

Set Me Free  by The Kinks  | YouTube

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire  by The Ink Spots  | the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one! 

There are actually FOUR Pawns and FOUR Courts in the extended Decktet, NOT three as stated in the show.

Sponsored Link: Game Salute  Link

The Emperor's New Clothes  Link