Episode 167: Soy Sauce Samurai

Release Date: Dec. 24, 2012

Running Time:  196 min.

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Honor, glory and geishas. Feudal Japan is our destination. We review Yedo, an auction based worker placement game where noble houses compete for the Shogun's favor by completing secret missions.

News & Notes:  12 Realms, Pirates vs Dinosaurs, Rialto, Spielfest
The List:  Yedo

Playbill: Clocks
Truckloads of Goober: Dragi Drache

Game Sommelier:  5 musical selections to play along with 5 games

Mail Bag: Amazon.de, the truth about Czech pubs, Tricky Dice

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

News & Notes

12 Realms   Kickstarter  |  MAGE Company

A co-op fantasy adventure board game for 1-6 players.

Pirates vs. Dinosaurs   Kickstarter  | Jolly Roger Games

Pirates look for treasure and fight off dinosaurs on a remote island.

Rialto   BGG  |  Tasty Minstrel Games

New card driven title from Stefan Feld set in Venice.

Spielfest   Link  |  Snakes & Lattes

Join us January 22-23 in Toronto for Spielfest at Snakes & Lattes board game cafe.

The List

Yedo  BGG | Eggertspiele

Truckloads of Goober

Dragi Drache  BGG | Ravensburger

A foam fireball floats on a air-powered volcano. Blow the  ball into each area of the board to collect dragonfruit and win the game.



Clocks  BGG 


Bid for a lot of dice and place them on your clock's face. The goal: arrange the dice in the correct pattern to gain special abilities and score points.

The Game Sommelier

The Challenge: 5 games to pair with 5 musical selections - 5 soundtracks for a game night. (challenge from Daniel Jensen).

Dave's Selections

7 Wonders - Mountain of Power Procession (Conan the Barbarian)   the song

Ubongo - It's Fun to Be Free   Music of Disneyland, Disney World & Epcot   the song

Formula De - Open Up Wide by Chase  the song

Tichu -  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon   by Yo-Yo Ma & Tan Dun   the song

Netrunner - The Count of Tuscany  by Dream Theatre  the song

Mail Bag

Amazon.de shipping info (thanks, Tom Cohen)

Precision Metal Dice on Kickstarter

Tricky Dice, designed by Andy Miner, is now listed in the Games by Spielers for Spielers forum

Clutch Football (Thanks, Dmitri (aka Johnny Dollar on BGG)


Music credits include:

Otemoyan  by Umekichi  the song  |  the album

Chakkiri Bushi  by Umekichi  the song  |  the album

Nagasaki Burabura Bushi  by Umekichi  the song  |  the album

Tuba for Klaus  by Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra   the song  |  the album

Samisen Boogiewoogie  by Umekichi  the song  |  the album


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

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