Episode 438 - Tiger & Dragon

Release Date: March 29, 2024

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Running Time:   120 min

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A crowd of onlookers packs into the kwoon. Today, Kung-fu masters are sparring to hone their skills in a grand melee. Each is trained in two schools: Tiger & Dragon. They trade blows with lightning quickness and precision. Raw strength is almost never the winner in battles like this. Knowing when to strike is key.

Tiger & Dragon is a climbing game based on the Japanese classic Goita, using two suited Mah Jongg style tiles. Attacks are offered and countered with matching tiles. Then a new attack begins. The first player to go out wins the round but HOW you win will ultimately determine your score.


Bruce Voge drops by with the latest installment of Flickin' Around. We learn about Hamster Roll, a game where you stack crazy wooden pieces inside a giant wooden hoop.

We step into the Wayback Machine for a My Favorite Game segment with Mike McMann. Mike waxes nostalgic about Succession Wars, a game of grand strategy from the 1980s set in the Battletech universe.

To round out the show, I take a deep dive into the history of Mah Jongg - its origins, how it became a worldwide phenomenon, and all the different materials tiles are made from.


Tiger & Dragon

Designer:  Atsushi Hashimoto

Art / Graphic Design: Jun Sasaki, Rie Komatsuzaki

Publisher: Arclight Inc. | Oink Games

2-5 players | 20 minutes | ages 8+ | MSRP $39 | BGG Listing

Time to teach/learn:  5-6 minutes

Flickin' Around with Bruce Voge

Hamster Roll

Designer:  Jaques Zeimat

Artist:  Andrea Hofbeck, Stefan Sälzer

Publisher: Zoch Verlag | 25th Century Games

2-4 pl | 30 min | ages 7+ |   BGG Entry

My Favorite Game - Mike McMann

The Succession Wars

Designer:  L. Ross Babcock III

Art:  Dana Andrews, Charles Bernard, James Holloway, Jeff Laubenstein, Todd F. Marsh

Publisher: FASA

2-5 pl | 3-4 hours | ages 12+ | BGG Entry


A History of Games in 100 Objects - Mah Jongg Tiles

Mah Jongg: A Chinese Game and the Making of Modern American Culture

Joseph Babcock (right) teaching Douglas Fairbanks Mah Jongg

Anton Lethin (left), Albert Hager (middle), unknown (right)

The second edition of Mah Jong rules written by Babcock

Babcock's patent application for tiles

A wealth of information about Mah Jongg tiles and history here!


Interstitial music credits include:

Eye of the Tiger | covered by 2Cellos | the song

Thunderstruck | covered by Moyun | the song

Since Ma is Playing Mah Jongg | The Original Memphis Five | the song

I've Got A Tiger By the Tail | Ray Charles | the song