Episode 429 - Wicked & Wise

Release Date: November 21, 2023

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Running Time:   177 min

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Hoarding treasure takes teamwork, even for dragons. Instead of fighting over mountains of glittering gold, these mighty magical beings settle their claims with a civilized game of cards. BUT… lurking in the shadows, each dragon has an accomplice - a tiny mouse trying its best to manipulate the each hand to tilt the outcome in their partner’s favor.

Each trick is a devil’s bargain. Will you take coins to score points or gather powerful magic items to help you win later rounds? Goals add another layer to each card you play. Collect the right combination of suits or numbers and you’ll add to your hoard. Each hand offers a new challenge. Only the best teams know when to be wicked and when to be wise.

Wicked & Wise is a trick taking card game where teams of dragons and mice compete to amass the largest hoard. Dragons play cards to win tricks. Mice play cards to manipulate the game to insure little victories and big ones. Collect coins and complete goals to score


Fertessa Allyse, the designer of Wicked & Wise joins us for Game Night Grab Bag! Our challenge: find 3 games the should be on every Star Fleet vessel.

Taylor Reiner (from Taylor's Trick Taking Table) joins us for a TARDIS Game segment to discuss amazing trick takers that are much bigger than you expect.

Wicked & Wise

Designers: Fertessa Allyse

Artist: Jay Bell, Estefania Rodriguez, Beth Sobel

Publisher: Weird Giraffe Games | BGG Entry

2-6 players  45 minutes ages 10+  MSRP $29

Time to teach/learn:  5-8 minutes


Game Night Grab Bag

Special Guest

Fertessa Allyse is the designer of Wicked & Wise, our Spiel of Approval Award winning game this episode! Follow Fertessa.

The Challenge

Three games that belong in every Star Fleet vessel's game library.

Fertessa's Selections

Star Trek Cryptic  |  Star Trek: Deck Building Game  |  Dune Imperium

Stephen's Selections

Gipf   Wingspan (Kronos Edition)  Drone Home



Special Guest

Taylor Reiner joins us to talk about amazing trick takers that are much bigger games than you'd expect. Check out Taylor's great work on his channel!

Taylor's Selection

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea |BGG Entry

Stephen's Selection

On The Cards |BGG Entry

Doug's Selection

1923 Cotton Club |BGG Entry



Apropos of Nothing

American metrics sunk by pirates (thanks, Sam Hozman!)

Tallest Lego tower (thanks, Sam Hozman!)



Smoke and Soot

The Light We Cannot See


Interstitial music credits include:

I'm Wise | Ruth Durand | link

Wicked Games | Vitamin String Quartet | link

Star Trek TNG theme | Kantor Ralph Leinen | link

Wicked Game | Groovy Waters | link