Episode 419 - Starship Captains

Release Date: June 19, 2023

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Running Time:  43 min

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The years of training and sacrifice have all lead to this moment - the big chair - your first command of a starship! Stepping onto the bridge of this small cruiser, your crew - a team of dedicated beings from planets across the Cooperative - await your orders.

Each mission will require your leadership and many tough decisions as you explore the vast unknown sectors of space. Which crew to assign to away missions? Who to promote? What technology to install and upgrade your ship? When to confront pirates to clear the shipping lanes? How best to negotiate with strange new worlds and civilizations, hoping to welcome them into the galactic community?

Starship Captains crams a galaxy's worth of adventure into one box! Your success in the game will come from how well you're able to direct your crew. The challenge is not just deciding which crew to perform a task or mission, but what order you want to deploy them. It will take all your talent to find the right balance. No doubt, the Captain who ranks highest will soon lead the flagship of the Fleet!


Starship Captains

Designer: Peter B. Hoffgaard

Artist: Mergen Erdenebayar, Jiří Mikovec, Jakub Politzer, František Sedláček

Publisher:  Czech Games EditionBGG Entry 

2-4 players  90-120 min  ages 12+   MSRP $58

Time to teach/learn:  15 minutes



Interstitial music credits include:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds theme | by Jeff Russothe song

Theme from Star Trek (Original Series)  |  Ukulele Orchestra of England | the song