Episode 417 - Pessoa

Release Date: April 24, 2022

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This game chronicles the last 22 years of Portugal’s prodigal son, Fernando Pessoa, the renowned poet, mystic, and raconteur of the early 20th century. Pessoa wrote most of his work not under his own name but as one of 77 distinct heteronyms, each with its own identity, passions, and outlook on life. He allowed the artistic voice of each heteronym a chance to speak through his.

In the game , you play as one of Pessoa’s heteronyms, attempting to transform creative energy into inspiration and inspiration into poetry. Visit cafes to gather cards or the bookshop to influence your outlook and style. Then linger in the public square to assemble the best poems you can, hoping the stars align with each move you make.

But here’s the rub: There are four players in Pessoa but also only one. You, the player, live in Pessoa’s mind, while  Pessoa, the poet, the person, is an independent but neutral force in the game.You’ll need to flow from metaphysical mind space on one board to the physical world where Pessoa himself wanders Lisbon in search of his latest creations. Which part of Pessoa will be the most adept at finding the words that will echo through the ages?


Poetry professor and fellow podcaster James Engelhardt joins us for a special interview with Pessoa, the game review, AND Doug goes toe to toe with James in the Game Night Grab Bag segment.

Check out James on Lay It On The Table, part of the Geek & Southern Network.



Designer: Orlando Sá

Artist: Marina Costa

Publisher:  Pythagoras  |  BGG Entry  |  Buy Pessoa

1-4 players  60-90 min  ages 10+   MSRP 35 ($38)

Time to teach/learn:  10-15 minutes


Fernando Pessoa

Pessoa's Disappearing Act  |  Wiki  |  Biography

Special Guest - James Engelhardt

Thanks to James Engelhardt for helping with the Pessoa interview, game review, and *especially* for taking Doug to school in the Game Night Grab Bag segment. :)

James teaches writing at Furman University in Greenville South Carolina. He is the co-host of Lay it on the Table which is part of the Geek & Southern Network.

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