Episode 415 - Votes For Women

Release Date: February 20, 2022

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Running Time:  180 min

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From the Declaration of Sentiments at Seneca Falls, to the protests, rallies, and organized campaigns across the nation, Votes for Women  chronicles the 72 year struggle to ratify the  19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote.

This two-part area control game is driven by sets of multi-use cards dripping with history. Compete or cooperate to explore both sides of this complex conflict. The Suffragists push Congress to pass the 19th amendment and gather support from 36 states to ratify it, while the Opposition uses the power of the status quo to systematically undermine and unravel these efforts over multiple generations.

In playing through this critical struggle, Votes for Women is a palpable reminder that the fight goes on today for a just and tolerant society. There will always be those ready to strip away the rights of others. If we can rehearse how to resist and overcome them in a game, we might be able to take those tabeltop lessons in defeat, and in victory, and see how they apply to the grander game where we are all players every single day.

That’s an awesome accomplishment; most certainly one worthy of our Spiel of Approval!

Listen in for a deep dive into the game and the rich history it embraces, followed by a chat with Tory Brown, the designer of the game!

Tory joins us for a Game Night Grab Bag segment. Her challenge? Bring three games that encourage players to engage with history (especially under appreciated history).

Votes For Women 

Designer: Tory Brown

Artist: Brigette Indelicato, Marc Rodrigue

Publisher:  Fort Circle Games | BGG Entry

1-4 players  60-90 minutes  ages 12+   MSRP $75

Time to teach/learn:  10-15 minutes


Game Night Grab Bag

The Challenge:

3 Games That Encourage Players to Engage with History

Tory Brown's Selections

Stonewall Uprising  | 1960: Making of the President  | Night Witches

Doug and Stephen's Selections

Freedom  |  1906: San Francisco  | Kolejka


The Gilded Age


Even More Jesus Beer


Music credits include:

The Suffrage Flag  | sung by Elizabeth Knight  |  the song

Winning the Vote| sung by Elizabeth Knight  |    the song

Let Us All Speak Our Minds| sung by Elizabeth Knight  |   the song

Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be?| sung by Elizabeth Knight  |    the song

Yesterday's Newsreel

Going to the Polls| sung by Elizabeth Knight  |    the song

The March of the Women  | by Ethel Smyth  |    the song

Uncle Sam's Wedding| sung by Elizabeth Knight  |    the song

Give the Ballot to the Mothers| sung by Elizabeth Knight  |    the song

the 19th Amendment  |  by Dolly Parton  |  the song

Sufferin' for Suffrage  | by  Etta James  |  the song