Episode 406 - Golem

Release Date: Sept 26, 2022

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Running Time:  150 min

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Prague, 1584. A small group of rabbis study the Kabbalah, hoping to unlock the hidden language of Creation. With the Jewish Quarter under threat, the time has come to put that secret knowledge into action. A lump of clay shaped into human form is brought to life with a single word.

You are its creator. Your creation is the golem.

Golem is a game of cosmic forces and practical magic. Over four turns you will select marble and rabbi actions from the synagogue, studying ancient books, constructing powerful artifacts, and building golems to serve the community. The problem is control. Each decision you make leads to a chain of consequences filled with reward and ruin. The burdens of creation are great. Only those with wisdom and foresight will be able to reign in this massive, beautiful, unweildy monster of a game.

Take a deep dive into Golem with us, explore the history that inspires the game and discover how it celebrates the many joys of thoughtful play.


A Game Night Grab Bag segment with Gubbins!


Designer: Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani

Artist: Francesco Ciampi, Roberto Grasso

Publishers: Cranio Creations | Asmodee | CrowD Games | Delta Vision Publishing | Game Harbor | Intrafin Games | Korea Boardgames | Lord of Boards | Maldito Games | Portal Games | TLAMA games

1-4 players  120-180 min  ages 14+   MSRP $79

Time to teach/learn:  60 minutes

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Apropos of Nothing

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Music credits include:

School of Dance  |  by Golem  |  the song

Zohar (The Wise Have Eyes)  |  Jewlia Eisenberg  |  the song 

El Mistater  |  by Baal HaSulam  |  the song

Tsigaynerlid  |  by KlezRoym the song

Devil  |  by Kabbalah  |  the song