Episode 399 - 7 Wonders: Architects

Release Date: May 31, 2022

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Running Time:  86 min

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Can you construct a Wonder so grand it will forever leave your mark on history? As the leader of an ancient nation, this is your goal.

7 Wonders Architects is a quick-playing game of card drafting and empire building. Players score points for creating their Wonder, as well as military, cultural, and scientific accomplishments.

Inspired by its wildly successful sibling (7 Wonders), Architects builds a different kind of fun - one that is open and approachable by a broader audience.

Listen in to explore the game and learn why we think Architects is a wonder in its own right.


ALSO featured in this episode... Flicking Around with Bruce Voge! This installment features a Crokinole Board Buyer's Guide, chock full of great suggestions, insights, and advice whether you're just learning about the game or pondering adding a board to your game collection.


7 Wonders: Architects    Repos  |  BGG

Designer: Antoine Bauza

Artists: Etienne Hebinger

Publisher: Repos Production

2-7 player  20 min.  ages 8+   MSRP $50

Time to teach/learn:  5-6 minutes


Flicking Around with Bruce Voge

Topic: Crokinole Board Buyer's Guide

Tracey Boards

Browncastle Boards

May Day Boards


Apropos of Nothing

Goats & Guinness


Music credits include:

Gonna Build A Mountain  by Buddie Emmons  |  the song

Build Me Up Buttercup  by Imheiden Madonna|  the song

8th Wonder  by Sugarhill Gang  |  the song