Episode 396 - Glow

Release Date: Apr. 29, 2022

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Running Time:  129 min

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There is a world beyond where color is a gift, not a given. Once a generation, darkness comes and drains the spectrum, washing the world in shadows. Once a generation, a chosen few are sent into the black to reclaim the light and return color to the land.

You have eight days to gather companions and collect shards of light. The journey will be arduous, BUT with careful plans... and a little luck, you could become a legend!

Glow is a dice driven card and board game. The success of your adventure will be measured by creating combinations of dice to trigger your companions' abilities and travel across the land.

Listen in to explore this playable storybook and learn why it has earned our Spiel of Approval.

ALSO FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE...  The amazing Bruce Voge joins us for a Game Night Grab Bag. The topic? Games about odd sports.

Glow    Bombyx  |  BGG

Designer: Cédrick Chaboussit

Artists: Ben Basso & Vincent Dutrait

Publisher: Bombyx

2-4 player  45 min.  ages 10+   MSRP $40

Time to teach/learn:  8-10 minutes


Game Night Grab Bag

Topic: Games About Odd Sports

Bruce's Selections

Let's Play Jai-alai  |  Book It  |  18 Holes

Stephen's Selections

Mongolian Goat Rodeo  |  Caveman Curling  |  Birdie: Disc Golf


Apropos of Nothing

Darwin's Notebooks


Music credits include:

Glow Worm    by The Mills Brothers  |  the song

Blinded By the Light  by 8 Bit Universe  |  the song