Episode 382: Super Skill Pinball

Release Date: Sept. 27, 2021

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Running Time:  2 hr.

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Welcome to the cardboard arcade! Four colorful pinball machines are nestled into a single box - each one a unique world, ready test of your skills.. and luck - challenging you to rack up the high score.

Go to the carnival.  Hack a MegaCorporation. Slay a Dragon. Be a Dancing Queen. 

No quarters or tokens needed in Super Skill Pinball. Just dice and a dry erase pen. Your decisions guide the ball around each machine, striking targets, bouncing off bumpers, flipping through spinners to trigger big bonuses, mini games and even multi-ball!  The longer you can keep your ball going, the higher your score will climb. Collect enough points and you will walk away a true Pinball Wizard!

Tune in to explore the game and discover how it earns our Spiel of Approval.

PLUS.. Ben Maddox, host of Five Games for Doomsday, joins us for a special Game Night Grab Bag segment!

Super Skill Pinball: 4Cade  Wiz Kids |  BGG  |  Buy

Designer: Geoff Engelstein   Art: Gong Studios

Publisher: WizKids

1-4 players  30 min.  ages 10+   MSRP $25

Time to teach/learn:  5-10 minutes (depending on board difficulty)

Super Skill Pinball: Ramp It Up!  Wiz Kids |  BGG  |  Buy


Game Night Grab Bag

The Challenge: Games with designer duos 

The Contestants:

Ben Maddox (Five Games for Doomsday) & Doug

Ben's Selections

Piepmatz (Ep. 312) - El Grande - Two Rooms and a Boom

Honorable Mention: Heaven & Ale (Ep. 299), Splotter, Bus

Doug's Selections

Village (Ep. 156) - Coimbra (Ep. 318) - Capital Lux

Honorable Mention: San Juan


Music credits include:

Pinball Prison Blues  by Puddles Pity Party  | the song

Pinball Millionaire  by Hank Locklin  |  the song

Pinball Wizard by The Hillbenders  |  the song


Aftershow links:

Ted Lasso, a true Spieler  |  the show