Episode 376: The Red Cathedral

Release Date: June 7, 2021

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Running Time:  37 min.

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Nine domes rise above Moscow in 1561. St. Basil's Cathedral is the heart of the city, a colorful bonfire soon to be known across the world.

You and your team of builders have been commissioned by Tzar Ivan IV (The Terrible) to complete this strange and wondrous building. Gather materials and use your influence over guilds and the clergy to claim and build more sections than your rival architects. Earn the most prestige to gain the favor of the Tzar and your place in history.

The Red Cathedral is simple game filled with subtle strategies. Using three basic actions you'll claim, collect, and build towers and domes, adorning them with arches, crosses and jewels. Timing is the key. Tune in to explore the game and discover how an amazingly deep experience rises from such a humble set of building blocks.

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The Red Cathedral   Devir |  BGG

Designer: Sheila Santos & Israel Cendrero (llamadice.com)

Publisher: Devir

1-4 players  60-90 min.  ages 12+   MSRP $35

Time to teach/learn:  10-15 minutes


Music credits include:

Quadrile    performed by The Stars of St. Petersburg  |  the song

Black Shawl  performed by Samovar Russian Folk Ensemble  |  the song

Golden-Domed Moscow performed by Samovar Russian Folk Ensemble  |  the song