Episode 372: Funfair

Release Date: April 29, 2021

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Running Time:  95 min.

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A coaster with 17 loops... a pirate ride that actually sinks... a fairyland with unicorns you can pet... and did I mention? Six foot corndogs! How would you build the theme park of your dreams? Funfair gives you a chance to do just that.

Play cards to assemble an exciting mix of five attractions. Add enhancements and staff, match blueprints, and build a showcase feature to bring in the crowds

Funfair nudges players to indulge the simple pleasure of surrendering to a flight of fancy. Build a fantastic world over the course of six rounds - a world to delight the child in all of us - a world that will make your park a must-see destination for generations to come.

Listen in to explore the game and discover why it earns both our Spiel of Approval and the Major Fun Award!

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Funfair   Good Games Publishing |  BGG  |  Buy

Designer: Joel Finch

Art: Mr. Cuddington

Publisher: Good Games Publishing

2 -4 players  30-60 min.  ages 8+   

Time to teach/learn:  10 minutes


Game Night Grab Bag

The Challenge: 3 games we re-theme hoping to get more people interested in playing

Stephen's Selections: Illusion, Team Work, Flying Carpet

Doug's Selections: No Thanks, World's Fair 1893, Coloretto


Apropos of Nothing

1930 Indiana Bell building moved and rotated while workers continued their work inside!





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Interstitial music credits include:

Are You Having Any Fun?  by Alex Pangman (with Bucky Pizzarelli)  |  the song

Fun Day  by Stevie Wonder  |  the song