Episode 365: Castles of Tuscany

Release Date: February 17, 2021

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Running Time:  107 min.

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Northern Italy in the 15th century was ruled by influential noble families. Can you guide your region to prosperity by supporting farms, mining, monasteries, villages and trade?  Building out from a single castle, each decision can create a chain of benefits, providing more opportunities and actions. Garner the most power over the course of three turns and you will secure your family’s legacy and influence across all of Tuscany.

Castles of Tuscany is beautifully simple tile laying game that creates space and opportunity for depth and strategy. The game challenges players to stack simple small decisions together in order to build complex chains of actions and bonuses. The pleasure and fun that comes from thoughtful play doesn't require dense rulebooks... only the subtle genius of designer Stefan Feld.

Tune in explore the game and discover why it earns our Spiel of Approval.

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Castles of Tuscany   Ravensburger  |  BGG 

Designer: Stefan Feld

Publisher: alea / Ravensburger

Artist: Antje Stephan, Claus Stephan

2-4 players  60 min.  ages 12+   MSRP $45

Time to teach/learn: 8-10 minutes


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Music credits include:

Little Lion Man  by Vitamin String Quartet  |  the song

The Lion Sleeps Tonight  by United Guitar Players  |  the song