The Short List - 2020


We play hundreds of games every year. Each one is given due consideration for  The Spiel of Approval and Major Fun Awards.

Out of these hundreds, only a dozen or so games are selected per award. 

Inevitably, there are games that might not fit all of the award criteria but are games we really enjoy nonetheless.

These games make our Short List. 

Think of the Short List as an Honorable Mention category.  

They might not have made the final cut, but any game on our Short List is one we think is engaging and fun.

Read on to explore the list.

I bet you'll find at least a couple you'll be itching to try! 

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Short List - Spiel of Approval Short List - Major Fun
Dadaocheng Bye, Felicia!
Letter Jam Latice Hawai'i
Marvel Villainous   Mega Mouth
Miyabi Silver & Gold
MourneQuest Sushi Roll
Rap Godz Starlink


Spiel of Approval - Short List


Dadaocheng    BGG  |  Soso Studio

Letter Jam    BGG  |  Czech Games Edition

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power      BGG  |  Ravensburger

Miyabi      BGG  |  HABA

MourneQuest    BGG  |  Backspindle Games

Rap Godz      BGG  |  Board Game Brothas

Tribes      BGG  |  Thames & Kosmos


Major Fun - Short List

Bye, Felicia!    BGG  |  Big G Creative

Latice Hawai'i      BGG  |

Mega Mouth    BGG  |  Big G Creative

Silver & Gold      BGG  |  NSV


Sushi Roll    BGG  |  Gamewright

Starlink      BGG  |  Blue Orange Games