Episode 358 - 1987 Channel Tunnel

Release Date: Sept. 28, 2020

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Running Time:  150 min.

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Sometimes rivals, sometimes allies, Great Britain and France are connected across an ocean of history. Only the English channel has kept each nation at a distance… until now.

The year is 1987. You are in charge of one of the most massive engineering efforts in human history - the construction of the Channel Tunnel, affectionately known as the Chunnel.

English and French teams begin digging with the intent of meeting in the middle. Plan your course, rally investors, develop new technologies and drill! But beware, if you stray too far off course, the whole project could be scuttled.

1987 Channel Tunnel is a 2-player action selection game powered by clever auctions and multi-use cards. Listen in to explore the game and discover how it packs a whole word of strategy and history into its small box.

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1987 Channel Tunnel       Looping Games  |  BGG 

Designers: Sheila Santos & Israel Cendrero (llamadice.com)

Publisher: Looping Games

2 players  45 min.  ages 12+   MSRP 24 EUR (~$28)

Time to teach/learn: 10-15 minutes

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Building A Bigger Game Table

Ezra's guest is Tanya Pobuda.

Tanya is a PhD candidate and editor at Analog Game Studies.

Her ongoing academic studies of diversity in gaming are shedding light on many great disparities in representation and inclusion in the game industry.

Learn more about Tanya's excellent and important work here. (publishing | news | about)

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Massive thanks to Tanya for being part of the show! We look forward to continuing the conversation on future episodes.

Tanya's research is ongoing. If equity, diversity and inclusion is important to you and you are a board gamer, she would like to hear from you!

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Music credits include:

Tunnel Vision  by Lenny Kravitz  |  the song

Tunnel Music  by Zongamin  |  the song

Tunnel Vision  by An Apple a Day (feat. Tyra Hammond)  |  the song

House Building Theme from Red Dead Redemption 2  by David Ferguson  | the song