Episode 344 - Hadara

Release Date: Mar. 16, 2020

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Running Time:  27 min.

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In Hadara, you take on an ancient challenge: build a civilization from the ground up. Can you recruit talented people, encourage technology, explore other lands, and inspire great works of art - all to promote your civilization ahead of the rest?

Hadara allows players to accomplish the work of millennia in under an hour. The game is streamlined without feeling generic - a work of true craftsmanship in modern game design.

Listen in to discover why Hadara is worthy of your attention and of our Spiel of Approval.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Hadara       Z-Man  |  Hans im Glück  |  BGG  |  Amazon

Designer: Benjamin Schwer

Publisher: Hans im Glück, Z-Man Games

Artist: Dominic Mayer

2-5 players  45-60 min.   ages 10+   MSRP $45

Time to teach/learn: 10 minutes



Music credits include:

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day   by Sam Cooke  |  the song

History Eraser  by Courtney Barnett  |  the song