Essen 2019 - The Art & Science of Playtesting

Release Date: Nov. 13, 2019

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Running Time:   40 min.

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Playtesting is a critical part of the design process. A game fresh from the mind of a designer is destined to evolve once other players get a chance to explore it and push its boundaries.

We examine how different designers approach this process and how they use playtesting to shape the games that make it to your table.

The panel:

Bruno Cathala  (designer, Kingdomino)

Antoine Bauza (designer, 7 Wonders)

Friedemann Friese (designer, Power Grid)

Rikki Tahta (designer, Coup)

Smoox Chen (Taiwan Board Game Design)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


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Smoox Chen  |  Taiwan Board Game Design