Episode 334 - Space Explorers

Release Date: Oct. 1, 2019

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Running Time:  65 min.

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You are the head of a Research & Development Hub in the Golden Age of Astronautics. Your goal is to complete large-scale space projects by gathering the best and brightest minds humanity has to offer.

Space Explorers is a richly thematic card game inspired by Soviet-era agitprop art. Driven by a wide range of action and card synergies, the game is simple to learn but packs a compelling amount of  depth into a 30 minute experience.

Listen in to learn how Space Explorers pushes strategy games into a new frontier, and in doing so, earns our Spiel of Approval.

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Space Explorers       25th Century Games  |  BGG  

Designer: Yuri Zhuravlev   

Publisher: 25th Century Games, Crowd Games

Artist: Alexei Kot

2-4 players  30 min.   ages 10+   MSRP $30

Time to teach/learn: 10 minutes


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Music credits include:

Apollo 11 Launch Countdown  |  link

Let's Go   |  The Red Army Choir  |  the song

Anthem of Cosmonaut Program  | Georg Ots  |  the song