GenCon 2019 - Mental Health & The Power of Board Games

Release Date: Aug. 8, 2019

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Running Time:  47  min.

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Board Games can be a source for many kinds of enjoyment. But their power also overlaps into many areas of mental health - learning to play can help us develop meaningful skills and ways of looking at the world that extends far beyond the tabletop. We examine how games can be a powerful and positive force on many different levels related to mental health with teachers, professionals and players.

The panel:

Sen Foong Lim   (psychology professor, game designer) 

Katie Aidley   (Wargames Are for Everybody)

John Knoerzer (licensed clinical social worker)

Bruce Voge (North Star Games, The Party Gamecast)

Bebo (Be Bold Games)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


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Bruce Voge  |  North Star Games  |  The Party Gamecast

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