Episode 322: Forbidden Sky

Release Date: May 6, 2019

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Running Time:   85 min.

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First came the island. Your team of adventurers found relics in temples sinking into the sea.

Next was the Desert. Crashed in the wastes, your team rebuilt an ancient flying machine to escape.

And now, high above the clouds, your team discovers an abandoned launch station from a lost space-faring civilization.

There’s just one problem. A deadly storm is coming. Can you rewire the station (creating a real electrical circuit) and gather your team for a rocket launch into the Forbidden Sky? 

Forbidden Sky is the third in a trilogy of cooperative games by noted designer Matt Leacock. Each game in the series adds new challenges and levels of complexity to overcome.

Listen in to explore the game and discover why it deserves BOTH awards!

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Forbidden Sky     Gamewright BGG Buy  

Designer: Matt Leacock

Publisher: Gamewright

2-5 players  1 hour   ages 10+   MSRP $40



Love & War with Katie Aidley

Katie continues exploring the COIN series of games from GMT.

The series is extensive and could be intimidating for new players. Katie's suggestion is... Colonial Twilight!

Feel free to send Katie an email: katie@thespiel.net

Game Night Grab Bag

The category: Games based on books

The twist: NO blockbusters! (LotR, Harry Potter, etc.)

Thanks to Spieler Dennis Rand for adding TRAPS to the game!

Doug's Traps for Stephen:

Pillars of the Earth, Witch of Salem, The Dresden Files Card Game

Stephen's Traps for Doug:

Pillars of the Earth series (ok I cheated..), Dune, Robinson Crusoe

Doug's Game Bag     vote for Doug

World Without EndGolden Compass - Ark & Noah

Stephen's Game Bag     vote for Stephen

Nemo's War - Mousquetaires du Roy - Legends of Sleepy Hollow


Music credits include:

Sky Man   |  by Geoff Goddard  |  the song

Big Sky  |  The Kinks the song

Night Sky  |  Chvrches  |  the song