Episode 319: Flotsam Fight

Release Date: Apr. 15, 2019

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Running Time:   56 min.

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A treasure hunter's life is never easy. Especially when the ship with your treasure capsizes and all your loot starts to float away!

Flotsam Fight is a card shedding game that plays like an old classic.

Your goal is to put as many treasure cards as you can onto lifeboats. The problem is, each treasure will only fit onto certain boats. And when one player finishes loading up, you don't want to be stuck with an armful of big loot!

Tune in to see why we think Flotsam Fight packs a ton of Major Fun into such a small box.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Flotsam Fight     Oink Games BGG Buy  

Designers: Tomoyuki Maruta

Publisher: Oink Games

2-6 players  20-30 min   ages 8+   MSRP $23

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Music credits include:

Gower Flotsam in Bordeaux   |  by Mabon  |  the song

Flotsam  |  by The Fogcutters  |  the song