Episode 312: Piepmatz

Release Date: Feb. 18, 2019

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Running Time:   74 min.

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A flock of little songbirds gather at the feeder to eat. One by one, different birds hop on the perch and carry away their meals, large and small. Can you gather the best collection of bird and seed cards as the feeder empties while avoiding greedy squirrels and angry crows?

Piepmatz is a beautiful and beautifully simple card game for players of all ages. It's easy to learn but provides an enjoyable, ever-changing puzzle to sort out each turn.

It takes creative vision to find a game in something so seemingly ordinary. That vision is a sure path to Major Fun.

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Piepmatz     Lookout BGG  

Designer: Ben Pinchback, Matt Riddle

Artist: Klemenz Franz, Mike Langman

Publisher: Lookout Games

2-4 players  20-30 minutes   ages 10+   MSRP $15


Love & War - Katie Aidley

Welcome, Katie, the newest member of The Spiel's growing team of contributors! We're looking forward to lots of great segments exploring various facets of wargames.

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Miklos & Starla's Segment

Miklos and Starla have a lively discussion on the subject of diversity, representation and inclusion in the board game community. We love and support the idea of a more inclusive and diverse community of players and hope we can help in some small way make that vision a reality.

Be sure to check out their Facebook Page, Our Family Plays Games.

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People mentioned during the segment

George Washington Carver

Elijah McCoy

Madam C.J. Walker

Games mentioned during the segment

Steampunk Rally

Tesla vs Edison Powering Up Expansion

Freedom  (reviewed by The Spiel in Episode 190)

Gateway Games mentioned

Ticket to Ride




Music credits include:

The Birds   by  Ottorino Respighi  |  music

Space Oddity  by David Bowie (Cover Antonin Charvat)  |  music

Ancestral Plane  L. Goransson (UzowuruKleinman Remix) | music

Birds on a Wire  by Jarbas Agnelli  | music

Grantchester Meadows  by Pink Floyd  |  music