Episode 310: Petrichor

Release Date: Feb. 4, 2019

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Running Time:   64 min.

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Petrichor is a game about clouds and weather and how they help things grow. Over the course of the game each player will manipulate cardboard clouds, hoping to fill them with rain drops and direct these drops onto fields to score. 

Petrichor is peaceful, but full of interaction. It's contemplative, but filled with moments of sudden change.

Listen in to explore how Petrichor embraces this wonderfully rich subject and invites us to play with it. In doing so, Petrichor helps break our expectations of what games can be.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Petrichor     Mighty Boards  |  APE Games  | BGG  |  Buy 

Designer: David Chircop

Artist: Daniella Attard

Publisher: Mighty Boards, APE Games

1-4 players  60-90 minutes   ages 14+   MSRP $55

Honeybee Expansion Available for Pre-order.


Music credits include:

Interlude (The Joy of Painting Theme)  by Larry Owens  |  the song

Cloud Atlas End Title   by T. Tykwer & J. Klimek  |  the song