The Short List - 2018


We play hundreds of different games every year. Each and every one is given due consideration for our two award programs: The Major Fun Award and The Spiel of Approval. 

Out of these hundreds only 12-15 games are selected per award. And these are the games we cover with in-depth audio and written reviews.

Every year, though, inevitably, there are games that might not be a good fit for the award criteria but are games we really enjoy nonetheless.

So, starting this year, we are going to do a round up of games that made our short list. It's not a comprehensive list by any stretch, but rather a snapshot look at some games that may have slipped past your attention.

Think of  the Short List as an Honorable Mention category from this point forward.  These games didn't make the final cut, but we think they're engaging and fun.

Read on to explore the list.

I bet you'll find at least a couple you'll be itching to try! 

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Spiel of Approval - Short List


Age of Thieves     BGG  |  Galakta

Black Hat    BGG  |  Golden Bell

Century: Eastern Wonders    BGG  |  Plan B

Histrio    BGG  |  Bombyx

In the Name of Odin    BGG  | NSKN

Lost Cities: Rivals    BGG  |  Thames & Kosmos

Pot de Vin    BGG  |  Thundergryph

Sakura    BGG  |  Osprey

The Thing    BGG  |  USAopoly


Major Fun - Short List

Big Money    BGG  |  Wonderforge

The Chameleon    BGG  |  Big Potato

Conex    BGG  |  HABA USA

Fruitenzy      JLS Productions

MacGyver    BGG Pressman

Pool Party    BGG  |  Blue Orange

Venture Party    BGG  |  Golden Bell