Essen 2018 - Game Culture Around the World

Release Date: Nov. 8, 2018

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Running Time:   55 min.

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There's no doubt the world of games is global. We are all united by our love of fun and the joy play can bring to everyone at the table. But what many may not realize is how gaming culture is different depending on where you play. 

This panel explores gaming culture through the eyes of game designers and publishers from Israel, Taiwan, and Spain.

The panel:

Elad Goldsteen (Golden Egg Games - Israel)

Smoox Chen (Taiwan Boardgame Design - Taiwan)

Guillermo Soria (Gen-X Games - Spain)

Servando Carballar (Gen-X Games - Spain)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


Elad Goldsteen  |  Golden Egg Games |  Twitter

Smoox Chen  |  Taiwan Board Game Design |  Twitter

Guillermo Soria  |  Gen-X Games | Twitter

Servando Carballar  |  Gen-X Games | Twitter