Episode 306: Calimala

Release Date: Oct. 17, 2018

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Running Time:   67 min.

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In 13th and 14th century Florence, the guild of cloth merchants known as the Arte di Calimala wielded enormous economic power. Their trade houses across Europe became financial hubs and helped to bankroll kingdoms and wars.

In Calimala, you play a member of the guild trying to spread your network of merchants and allow them to prosper. To do this you'll send workers out into the streets of Florence to take actions. Most of the time, you'll end up allowing other guild members to act as well!

The group will collectively trigger 15 different area-control scoring rounds plus work toward secret goals at the end of the game. If all goes well you will take your place on the city council and contribute to the massive cathedrals under construction. Which merchant family will rise above the rest?

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Calimala     BGG  |  Stronghold Games  | Blackfire ACD

Designer: Fabio Lopiano

Artist: Harald Lieske

Publisher: Stronghold Games, Blackfire ADC

3-5 players  60-75 minutes   ages 12+   MSRP $65

New Spielers

Three new Spielers make their debut in this episode. Feel free to drop them a line and say hello!

Miklos Fitch: miklos@thespiel.net

Starla Fitch: starla@thespiel.net

John Knoerzer: john@thespiel.net


Music credits include:

Tu Solus Qui Facis Maribilia   by Josquin de Prez  

perf. by David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London


Medieval Landini e La Musica Florentina  sec. XIV  Ars Nova

perf by Ensemble Micrologus


Ancestral Plane  (Uzowuru and Kleinman Remix)