GenCon 2018 - The Mixed Blessings of Media Tie-Ins

Release Date: Aug. 16, 2018

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Running Time:   45 min.

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You have two good friends. Maybe one you met on a trip or at work. The other you’ve known your whole life. But they’ve never met. You love them both, but they are two separate worlds orbiting on different paths.

And then some day, by choice or some twist of fate, they meet. And you hold your breath. Because there’s that moment when you’re not sure whether these worlds will mesh together or collide in some spectacular fashion.

Now imagine that one friend is a novel or movie or comic or tv show you love. And the other friend is a favorite game designer or publisher. Two worlds we love, each in their own right, and when they come together, we hold our breath. We hope they mesh and create an experience that lets us play as - or along side -  the characters and settings we know so well. We hope for a rich thematic experience provided by the media married to gameplay that’s engaging and fun. 

This panel explores the mixed blessings of media tie-in games. What challenges and opportunities are unique to working with a media license? How do you forge an alliance between good media and good games?

The panel:

James Ernest (Cheapass Games)

Rob Daviau (Restoration Games)

David Brashaw (Baskspindle Games)

Francesco Nepitello (game designer,  War of the Ring)

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