GenCon 2018 - Game Development

Release Date: August 9, 2018

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Running Time:   39 min.

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Every game makes a journey from designer to publisher to manufacturer to seller and at last to the players.

But there’s part of this journey that's often invisible to those outside the industry: game development.

Games go through different stages of development between designer and publisher, with each trying to bring the game into a finished, polished publishable form. It’s part negotiation, part balancing act between great ideas and basic logistics and costs.

We delve into how different designers and publishers approach the development process, hoping to walk away with a better appreciation of how important this step is to the life of any game.

This panel features:

Matt Leacock (designer, Pandemic & many others)

Christopher Badell (Greater Than Games)

Ray Wehrs (Calliope Games)

Jason Hill (Flying Frog Productions)

Geoff Engelstein (designer, podcaster, teacher)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


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Christopher Badell  |  Greater Than Games

Ray Wehrs  |  Calliope Games

Jason Hill  |  Flying Frog Productions

Geoff Engelstein  |  Ludology  |  BGG profile