Episode 299: Heaven & Ale

Release Date: June 14, 2018

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Running Time:   118 min.

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In Heaven & Ale, you are the master brewer at a German monastery in the Middle Ages. Your goal is to create beer that will please your fellow monks, the people in nearby towns AND (hopefully!) the big guy upstairs. 

Gather hops, water, barley, and yeast and recruit monks to build your brewery from the sunniest hilltop to the shadiest grove.

Each decision is fun and challenging and leads to an innovative scoring system that packs a great cerebral punch. 

Heaven & Ale will leave you wanting to explore the game from a new angle every time you play. 

And if you’re like us, the game will also make you thirsty. Make sure you’ve got at least a few dunkelweissen’s nearby any time you decide to play.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Heaven & Ale      

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Designer: Michael Kiesling, Andreas Schmidt   

Artist: Christian Fiore

Publisher: Eggertspiele

2-4 players  90 - 120 min   ages 12+   MSRP $70


Meet the New Team at The Spiel!

First, let's meet the new co-host... 

Doug Richardson!

I'm so excited to welcome Doug to the show and I can't wait to start working (and playing!) together starting with our GenCon coverage this August. If you want to chat with Doug between now and then, you can contact him at doug@thespiel.net or follow him on Twitter (@buttonboyus)

In addition to Doug, The Spiel will feature a team of fun-loving contributors. Let's meet them!

Maggi Cottrell (@maggibot)

Miklos Fitch (Our Family Plays Games)

Starla Fitch (Our Family Plays Games)

Beth Heile (FB)

John Knoerzer (john's web site)

This amazing new team of Spielers will be recording fun segments to add to the show on an ad hoc basis. You'll learn more about them (and their segments) in the coming months.

Episodes with Doug and the team will debut the September.

Stay tuned!


Music credits include:

Ein Prosit  by Miss Mobile  |  the song

Folk Songs & Drinking Songs from Germany  |  the song

Beer Barrel Polka   by Will Glahé  |  the song