Episode 295: Professor Evil & The Citadel of Time

Release Date: May 10, 2018

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Running Time:   105 min.

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High atop a mountain in his castle, Professor Evil uses his time machine to rob the world of priceless antiques: the Mona Lisa, the Rosetta Stone, even Excalibur. He revels in his private gallery, the most secure one-person museum in the universe… his very own Citadel of Time.

Your small group of adventurers has been sent to sneak in to the Citadel and rescue at least four treasures before they are locked away. You must work your way past traps and locked doors and avoid Professor Evil himself as he wanders through the castle.  

Whether you play Destiny Bradshaw, Mistress of Randomness, or Edward Wire, Lord of the Gears, the clock is ticking and time is not your friend. Get in and get the treasures before they are lost forever!

Professor Evil & The Citadel of Time feels like a game from a bygone era mixed with the care and thought of modern design. It's charming, engaging, great for players young and old, and sure to provide many hours of Major Fun.

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Professor Evil & The Citadel of Time      

Fun Forge  |  Passport Game Studios  |  BGG  |  Buy

Designer: Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert   Artist: Biboun

Publisher: Fun Forge, Passport Game Studio

2-4 players  30-45 min   ages 8+   MSRP $30


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Music credits include:

In Time  by  Sly & The Family Stone  |  the song

Time  by Tom Waits  |  the song