Made for Play: Board Games & Modern Industry

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Jettingen Germany is home to Ludo Fact, one of the world's largest manufacturers of board and card games. This documentary shows how a board game makes the leap from an idea to your table.

You'll see every aspect of the manufacturing process: the technology and machines, the many detailed steps, and the hundreds of people that are involved in the production of a single game.

Mostly, we hope the film gives you a greater appreciation of the time, effort and investment that goes into every quality board game that makes it to the marketplace and your home. The business of fun requires a lot of hard work!

Special thanks to:

Frank Jäger and Marc Brida at  Ludo Fact.

Stephen Buonocore and Kevin Nesbitt of Stronghold Games

Britton Roney of Grouper Games

MASSIVE thanks to Francie Broadie and Roberta Coleson for their understanding and support during the long hours spent putting the film together.

Thanks also to our translators!

Marcus Brissman - Swedish

Repos Production - French

Michal Walczak-Slusarczyk - Polish

David Prieto - Spanish

And of course, a collective giant thank you to our Kickstarter backers. This film would not have been possible without your support. (Please see the film above for a full listing of names!)

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"Karel Zeman on the Moon"  Ergo Phizmiz

The Time to Run Dexter Britain

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