Episode 261: The Spiel on Lorenzo il Magnifico


Release Date: May 1, 2017

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Running Time:   66 min.

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The Medici family ruled the Florentine Republic for nearly a century. They controlled the largest and most trusted bank in Europe and used their enormous wealth and influence to gain political power. But they ruled as citizens, not royalty.

A diplomat, poet, collector and patron to artists and scholars, Lorenzo de Medici was the greatest leader of Florence and a father of the Renaissance.

But he didn't do it alone. Maintaining Florentine power and status was a family business!

In the game, each player is the head of a noble house in Florence. You hope to guide your family to prestige and power by sending each member of your family to different areas of the city. They will gather resources, sponsor new developments, hire characters and fund economic ventures. 

Every player must also be mindful of the Pope. If you do not demonstrate enough loyalty and faith to the Vatican, you risk excommunication! Without the support of the Church your family may struggle to rise to the top.

Listen in to learn for an in-depth look at the game, learn more about the history of the Medicis and discover why it has earned the Spiel of Approval Award!

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Lorenzo il Magnifico      Cranio Creations |    CMON  |  BGG 

Designer: Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani

Artist: Klemez Franz, Andrea Kattnig

Publisher: Cranio Creations, CMON

2-4 players  90-120 min   ages 12+   MSRP $60

Music credits include:

Lute Music: Early Italian Renaissance Music  |  The album


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