Episode 240: The Spiel on Oh My Goods!


Release Date: Sept. 17, 2016

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Running Time:   47 min.

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Oh My Goods is a small game that packs a huge punch.

Using a deck of 110 cards, players build engines where the cards will represent both the factories you build and the goods you produce. Over time, these factories create production chains, turning basic resources into more refined goods - wheat into flour, flour into bread, and so on. 

The most surprising aspect of Oh My Goods is its press-your-luck element. Each day you must commit your workers at sunrise to work efficiently or sloppily based on partial information. Each day offers a high risk, high reward situation. Accounting for this unpredictable element makes the game challenging and fun every time you play.

Not bad for a game that can literally fit in your back pocket!

Tune in to learn why we think Oh My Goods has earned the Spiel of Approval Award!

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Oh My Goods!   Lookout Games  |  Mayfair Games |  BGG  |  Amazon   

Designer: Alexander Pfister  Publisher: Lookout, Mayfair

2-4 players  30 min. ages 10+  MSRP: $21.95

Music credits include:

Delivering the Goods    by Judas Priest   |   the song