GenCon 2016 - Consolidation in the Board Game Industry


Release Date: August 16 , 2016

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Running Time:   44 min.

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There have been waves of consolidation within the board game industry over the past 3 years.

The largest contributor to this trend is the French publisher Asmodee. Backed by a huge influx of funds from a new investor, Eurazeo, Asmodee has acquired several very successful publishers including Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight Games and most recently F2Z Entertainment. They have also acquired the licenses to mega popular titles Spot It and Catan and have reorganized their retail and distribution policies to streamline their supply chain and limit online sales. 

Does this speak to the overall health of the industry, as it expands out of the niche market, possibly allowing some of the modern games we love to make their way into the mainstream or mass market?

OR is this the start of a cycle known well in economic circles where consolidation leads to less innovation and competition with one massive player in the market dominating all levels of the playing field?

OR is the truth somewhere in the middle?

Our panel features:

Eric Summerer (The Dice Tower)

Lance Myxter (Undead Viking)

Doug Richardson (Spieler, aka Lyle Otterbein)

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Eric Summerer | The Dice Tower

Lance Myxter | Undead Viking

Doug Richardson | Twitter

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