GenCon 2016 - The Art of the Matter


Release Date: August 14 , 2016

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Running Time:   47 min.

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This round table discussion explores the importance of art and aesthetics as an integral part of the game development process.

From the artwork on and in the box to the size and shape of the components to the layout and logo, we examine the time and effort that goes into making a game beautiful or visually engaging. We also delve into the relationship between publisher, artist and graphic designer. These decisions and these relationships are not trivial. The publishers on our panel invest heavily in the idea that aesthetics can make an average game good and a good game great. Tune in to learn why!

Our panel features:

Stephan Brissaud (Iello)

Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games)

Kevin Brusky (APE Games)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


Stephan Brissaud | Iello

Stephen Buonocore | Stronghold Games

Kevin Brusky | APE Games

Music credits include:

The Typewriter   by  Leroy Anderson  |  the song