Episode 231: The Spiel on TIME Stories


Release Date: May 15 , 2016

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Running Time:   65 min.

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If Quantum Leap was a board game, it would be TIME Stories. 

Your team is projected back in time to specific key moments to prevent damage to the main timeline. These are not massive historical events but scenes offstage and off the beaten path. Your consciousness is merged with a person of that era and as such you can use your foreknowledge and experience to help you and your teammates to discover the source of the threat to the timeline and prevent it. Each run back in time is limited, so many times you will have to return to the future, learn from your mistakes and re-enter the past in order to achieve your goal.

In game terms, TIME Stories is a hybrid. It is a cooperative story driven mystery and puzzle solving board game. It combines elements of role playing within a more structured environment the framework of board and cards that dictate the boundaries of the world and the game.

Best of all, TIME Stories is more than a single game. The box contains a general toolkit for playing not just the initial story deck that is packed in the box but all the equipment you need to play many different stories or scenarios without having to buy a board or tokens or dice for each one.

It's a carboard console and each story deck is a cartridge that can be plugged in for new kinds of fun.

Listen in to see why we think this level of innovation, engagement and creativity makes TIME Stories a very worthy recipient of The Spiel of Approval award.

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TIME Stories   Space Cowboys  |  Asmodee  |  BGG   

Designer: Peggy Chessenet, Manuel Rozoy  Publisher: Space Cowboys, Asmodee

2-4 players  90 min.  ages 12+  MSRP $49.99

Music credits include:

For the Millionth & the Last Time  by Elvis Presley  |  the song  

Quantum Leap TV Show Theme   by Mike Post  |  the song