Essen 2015 - HUCH! & friends

Release Date: Oct. 22 2015

Running Time:  16 min.

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German publisher HUCH! & friends offers a wide variety of games in its catalog from silly fun games for kids and families to games with strategy and depth for older players. 

Tina Landwehr chats about several new titles including:

Flying Kiwis, a game where players use elastic bands to flip cardboard kiwis into a box.

Gum Gum Machine, a game where the board is an adjustable machine players use to create different colored wooden gum tokens.

Tornado Ellie, a where players build a tornado by stacking cards and wooden debris and move it around an ingenious twisting board.

Pronto is a party game where players come up with words that match letters on a race track but here's the twist: the words must also match a specific theme.

Think Str8 is a dice driven deduction game in the spirit of Code 777 and Hanabi. Try to be the first to discover the value of your own cards which everyone but you can see.

Last but not least we learn about HUCH's plans to reprint the entire Gipf series of abstract games starting in 2016!

Links and show notes continue after the break.

Flying Kiwis      HUCH  |  BGG

Gum Gum Machine   HUCH  |  BGG

Tornado Ellie   HUCH  |   BGG

Pronto    HUCH  |   BGG

Think Str8    HUCH  |   BGG